Frequently Asked Questions​

Do I need to make an appointment to come in?

Yes, please call the main office to confirm there is appropriately skilled staff on hand to accommodate you. 

Do I need a prescription to get a device?

Yes, a prescription filled out by a physician is required for us to dispense most orthotic devices. For prosthetics, you must be seen first by a physiatrist at an amputee clinic to determine whether or not you qualify for a prosthesis. Please bring your prescription and any other paperwork that your doctor has given you to your first appointment with AMPOS. 

Are you open evenings and weekends?

No, we are open Monday-Friday by appointment only between 9 am and 5 pm. Call 613-745-3173 to book an appointment with us. 

Is there free parking?

Yes, the Brittany Square parking lot at our East End location has free parking for AMPOS clients and other customers of the plaza. Our West End location has limited free parking in front of the building, but you are able to park at the movie theatre across the street. 

Do I need to buy special shoes to fit my device?

Usually, a pair of shoes with a removable insole will work. There must also be enough toe room in the shoe to accommodate both the device and your foot. If the shoes are in poor condition or may hinder the function of the brace, we might recommend purchasing a new pair of shoes.  

Do I have to wear my TLSO all of the time?

Generally, the rule is that you have to wear the brace whenever you are upright (if the head of the bed is more than 30 degrees, the brace needs to be worn), unless otherwise specified by the doctor. 

Where can I find information about the cost of my device and funding information?

You can find information about funding by clicking here

Did you have to go to school to do this job? 

Certified Prosthetists and Orthotists must have completed a Bachelor of Science degree (or other related degree) before enrolling at a two-year accredited prosthetic and orthotic clinical program at either George Brown College or The British Columbia Institute of Technology. After graduation, they complete a two-year residency in either the prosthetic or orthotic field before challenging the national certification exams. Certifees must also obtain mandatory education credits yearly to maintain their good standing and their certification.

Can you bill my insurance company directly? 

No, but we wish we could! We do not have enough volume to bill the insurance companies directly, like a dentist would. In order to take advantage of your insurance benefits, you need to pay for your device when you receive it and submit your receipt to your insurance company to be reimbursed. 

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